Thursday, October 3, 2013

the evolution of a creation

The way in which a creation evolves has always interested me. After all, each person has their own creative process through which ideas transpire, grow up and flourish. My own creative process is something that has only become clear to me recently, through the launch of Run Rabbit Run.

Run Rabbit Run started out as an idea for art prints, and then moved on to kid's t-shirts, and finally landed happily on the well researched and well-rounded idea for bed linen. After all, my background is in interior design, my knowledge grounded in fabrics, my most liberated work in creating children's spaces. It made perfect (and serendipitous) sense to follow this overpowering pull to start the Run Rabbit Run brand. So, in this journey, the creative process was born alongside my son, and took a gentle meander along a winding pathway to arrive at this final sweet decision, alongside my son's first birthday.

The designs themselves, of this first range, came about a lot quicker, with a steady stream of ideas that seemed to come directly from my childhood memories, easily accessed alongside my own children, flooding my waking and dreaming hours to appear on canvasses, ready for print, personalities well and truly formed.

*It seems that my choice of name for the brand also evolved from TallStory to the happy and speedy runRabbitrun. 
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

flowers flowers

everywhere! Scotland is covered :

Our path was dotted with liquorice black snails, topped with copper shells. Beautiful.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching my daughter bath. She loves it. (Although in this photo it looks like she doesn't. Or maybe she just doesn't want her picture taken). Usually Will baths her. And they have a strict routine. Wash hair and face. Brush teeth. Numbers and counting. Reading books. Then out, and play on the bed.

**I have decided I desperately want some photography lessons. I need a fresh perspective. I need to open up the options with this tool. I know nothing!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inspiring words

Not a single gram of f**k shall be given today.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have a gap! Hence the quick post. About all the simple things I am missing and would like to do for a full week when we get back to SA.

 - eat loads of ice cream
 - swim in the sea
 - lie in the sun, with Bo
 - watch endless movies
 - read dozens of crime novels

Only 6 weeks till home.

There are some things I will miss from being in Scotland. The endless options of routes to run in the beautiful wild. And the shopping, of course. There are so many things I would love to get before we go back. This is top of my list (Concetta dinnerware from Habitat) :

Don't ya just love it?

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Things I want to teach my daughter

1) Life is fair. Everything is as it should be. (The universe is supportive.)
2) Never take anything personally.
3) Forgiveness is difficult, but leads to freedom and growth.
4) It is safe for you to be powerful. You can be powerful in a loving way that benefits others and yourself.
5) Compassion
6) Tolerance
7) Mind-body wisdom (the connection between emotional experiences and physical health)
8) What you send out into the world will be returned to you.

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To the birthday girl

My dearest Bo on your first birthday,

This first year has been an eye opening journey. You have been amazing. Thank you. How have I done so far?

My wish is that I stay open always to the lessons you will teach me.
My hope is that I pass on only the lessons that will support you on your journey.
My want is that you will always be able to trust in me and talk to me.

I love you baby girl.
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touring scotland

Images from our road trips around Scotland from the past three weeks.
I am in love with the nature here.

St Andrews

On the road to Speyside

Isle of Islay. We heart!
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

first birthday invitations

At last I have finished (and sent out) the invitations for Bo's birthday party.

The theme is a 'Buttons and Bows' party.
I made brooches that I sent out with the invites for the girls to wear on the day.

Me: I was thinking of doing a Rainbow theme for her 2nd birthday party.
Will: And then we can do a Bowtie party for her 21st.
Me: And a Taibo party for her 7th.
Will: And a William Tell party.
Me: Huh?
Will: You know...with a crossbow.

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